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So this is in fact a better report here it just has the time slot here and comments like 90% of it is lines dedicated for comments 10% for time so you got date day officer signature that's what a lot and page you're also going to need clipboard make it main it may or not be important depending on what you have to do John you want to put last name first usually you get your signature officer around that signature there that's the signature so like most places you're going to want to have a signature on there that makes the document legal just having your name on there does not you want to have a signature that's why this dang thing is not very good you okay so hear it alright so when we are writing these reports we have to make sure that we're not missing anything and we're not doing grammatical areas like I said if you misspell something cross it out don't scribble it out cross it out grammar cross it out alright so this is what a traditional report supposed to look like I'm going to do is I arrived on site and gained all possible info from the previous officer okay so this is you know going hand-in-hand with security techniques you know just a roll of thought you you want to go to your site a little bit early to find out information because sometimes the reason being is you might have to go to a site when you don't have a security officer there you might be the only one and this could be an emergency and they might schedule you to work the minute that that client gets off so in fact you know you might be working hand in hand with a client here you know your client could be relieving you and you could be relieving on the client so say if you're going to be working a 12 hour shift you know 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 in the morning which I've done 5:00 p.m. when you start could be when that person gets off so you want to be there early to find out all information and he's not going to want to you know stay after to talk to you not necessarily so oh there we go I made a mistake gave my line through it gave me his okay like I said you're gonna let's just say um just for the purposes of this writing that let's just say you wrote this literally at 55 so like being 0 6 55 it because you were busy and you didn't have time to do it you're going to want to keep up your your DSR throughout the day well you know you're doing it reason being is um you never know what could happen you know you could have multiple things happen throughout the day you're not going to be able to get everything down if you try to do it later some people will try to write all their DSLRs at the end of the shift with a little book here that's not what you want to do I want to do it throughout the day so I'm just going to say that I did this you know I was busy 55 minutes um and we had to write this report so we're just going to say leave the line 0 6:30 okay okay that's also another phrase that is a common nothing further now you can spice it up shouts ain't nothing further nothing further...